MOMS/DADS - connect grandparents with grandkids

  • PHOTO STICKERS - grandkids "stick" photo stickers on face circles as book is read
  • INCLUDES - 72 customized photo stickers shipped with each 20-page book
  • MOMS/DADS - help toddlers & preschoolers remember grandparents
  • CONNECTING - grandparent & grandchild have their own storybook about them
  • INTERACTIVE - book design encourages engagement between an adult & young child
  • UNIQUE - there's no other personalized children's storybook like this

INTERACTIVE. a new grandchild experience

People connect by interacting in meaningful experiences together. That's how memories are made! While a parent or grandparent reads the book, the grandchild places photo stickers of themselves and their grandparent on the story pages! You create a special bond and unique memory that won't be soon forgotten!

"We help families stick together!"

Long-distance grandparents

Long-distance grandparents want to establish loving connections, but young grandchildren (ages 2 - 5) sometimes have difficulty remembering them. STICKING WITH FAMILY® lets young grandchildren create a personalized photo sticker book about special adventures they've had with each grandparent.

  • Even when grandma or grandpa aren't there, a grandchild will remember them with their special book that can be read over-and-over. Moms and dads also love these books because they help maintain family connections!

  • Making photo stickers

    Use your own pictures for your photo stickers! When ordering a book, use our sticker editing tool to upload two photos. Then, we create 72 face stickers to send with your order. It's really simple!


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